Do you want to know how to get rid of hives? Hives also known as urticaria is very common in both adults and children and can affect any person regardless of age or race at anytime. For a normal man, hives are nothing but the raised areas of the skin that appear red. They may be in several shapes and sizes. The size of hives can be a few millimeters to a few inches in radius. Even the shapes of hives can be round or circular and it can also be ring shaped. Patients with hives can form hives any where in the body, be it chest, arms or legs. The body responds to allergens and that causes hives. It looks nothing less than rashes and may develop when the allergen is anything susceptible. It basically is a result of dilation of capillaries that is responsible for leaking the fluid out in the tissues surrounding it. If a hive is pressurized, the skin blanches and a bruise is formed at that spot.

Hives can be caused by numerous things including:

  • Stress – studies has shown that even emotional disturbances like stress can be some form triggers.
  • Idiopathic – a great percentage of people who suffer from chronic condition are unable to figure out what really triggers the attack. Idiopathic condition often last more than 6 weeks and the most commonly causing the chronic form.
  • Bug Bites And Plant Life – hives can also occur if the person comes into contact with pollen grains. A lot of people may get hives (typically in the shape of mosquito bites) after going to a garden or any environment filled with plant life.
  • Physical Causes – this kind can be caused by contact from any physical surfaces even your own sweat can cause you to develop wheals and itch. Extremes of temperature like too much heat and cold are two of the most common causes in this category.
  • Animal Dander – animal dander is also one of the causes of hives. Therefore it is a good idea to find out if the people in your household have an allergy to animal dander before bringing in a pet.
  • Food Allergy – this is one of the most common causes and usually the mildest one.

How to get rid of hives naturally?

Luckily today, there are many natural cures can be found for the hives. A natural cure for hives is gentle to your system and safe to use. Here are some natural cures for hives:

  • Homeopathy – A homeopathic practitioner may suggest one of the following treatments for hives, depending on your symptoms: Apis if the hives are red, produce a burning sensation, and improve after a cold compress has been applied; Urtica urens if the hives are caused by an allergic reaction-especially from eating shellfish.
  • Herbal CuresAloe Vera is a powerful healer and has a soothing gel that may be applied to the skin. Aloe has plant steroids that fight inflammation. Not just urticaria but also psoriasis and eczema may be treated with aloe vera.
  • Home Remedies – Often the best remedies for hives may be just cold compresses placed on the spot. The compress or even a piece of ice on the spot will keep the hive from swelling and should calm it down. Some people find a cold shower or cool bath helps. A few chronic hive patients say they have found that a glass of herbal tea will make them feel better. Chamomile acts as sedative and can relieve the symptoms and may also help with the stress that can sometimes trigger an attack.

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